Down below you’ll find a list of tasks you should get done as soon you can once you reach university. A lot of people just delay completing these essential tasks and quite often they cause themselves unnecessary headaches and stress. We recommend you get these done ASAP!!

1> Register at university

You should register at your university as soon as you’re allowed to. Don’t oversleep or just bunk it. This is one of the most important days at uni and you get your student card which is vital for so many things especially freshers and just gaining access to student services.

2> Register at the local doctors surgery

It’s so important to register with your local clinic I can’t express how important enough this is. If you end up catching a particularly nasty case of freshers flu you may need it sooner than you think. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for hours just because you’re not registered. You can do this online or in-person whichever you prefer. You can find more information about this here

3> Create a budget

It is so important to stick to a budget and stay out of that overdraft from as soon as possible. Don’t blow it all on freshers. It is very important to create a budget just so you can get a real understanding of how much money you have. You should use our budgeting tool which you can get for free. Just subscribe to our email list which you can find in the sidebar of this post.

4> Connect to your university internet

Sometimes it can a university network can be quite annoying to connect to. I would suggest you connect to it as soon as possible. Rather than waiting till you need to submit your coursework at the last minute. If eduroam is your internet provider you can find out how to connect here.

5> Setup your university login and email ASAP

This is something you should ideally do before getting to your university. All important university correspondence with regards to enrolment will be sent to your university email. Also, find out your university portal login as sometimes you may have to submit some work within the first week.