While life may be anything but normal at the moment, we’re still expected to move our belongings out of accommodation on time. It’s a pain for everyone, but for some it’s near impossible. What if you don’t have access to a car? Or what if you’re an international? Moving out of university- what options are available?

For most students, either moving out of university at terms end and taking their entire belongings home isn’t fun, but it is the best option. Depending on your housing contract you may be able to take your stuff straight from one house to your next. If neither of these are an option, taking home what you can and storing the remainder is likely the best plan. This can be either with a bespoke service, or perhaps in one of your friends houses.

“For most students, either moving out at terms end and taking their entire belongings home isn’t fun, but it is the best option.”

I’ve finished my term, but I can’t get a car here right away. What can I do?

Well thankfully, your accommodation contract extends past the end of the year, likely weeks or even months. This means you could go home on the train, taking the bear essentials such as your laptop and some clothes. This allows you to come back later with parents and move the remainder out.

Of course, you should always check your contract for the termination date, but chances are you’re safe.

From experience, my year ended in June but the contract lasted until July, meaning I could spend a solid amount of time with my friends before breaking up until October.

It’s unlikely I’ll be able to get my stuff out of here before my contract ends, should I panic?!

Not at all, there are 3 main options available for those stuck in this situation:

Having your landlord, friends or storage company store the items for you

Taking as much as you can home when leaving is a good idea. While it may be difficult on the train/plane, it will save you money in storage and allows you to carry on as normal when you get home.

As for the rest of your items, you’ll want to pack them up in boxes or bags as best you can, and then do the following:

  • Contact your landlord about storage, they likely have at least some space rentable to students in a sticky situation. Don’t expect it to be cheap however, it can cost upwards of £100 for the entire summer.
  • Find a friend who’s contract terminates on the same day their new one starts. This is what we do at university, as we have a summer tenancy with the same landlord. We charge people less than the landlord and use our own cars to move boxes. Friends like this are hard to come across however, so consider it unlikely.
  • Use a storage company, such as student storage box. They’ll give you a quotation based on how much you have, and charge a fee per week. Like the landlord, they also charge a premium, but if it’s your only option then you have little choice. Storage companies can also ship your stuff home to you, so for internationals this may be an option if you’re moving home for the final time.

As far as getting the items to your friends, landlords or storage company when moving out of university, you’ll have a multitude of options:

  • Using the bus– this may sound expensive and awful but consider this: Many students have a reduced price bus pass, so many consecutive journeys like this likely aren’t unthinkable. Carrying a few boxes per time it would likely take a day or two maximum.
  • Ask the storage company or landlord if they have an option for moving. Many student letting agencies have vans for staff, and it’s possible they also allow them for moving too. It’s possible you’ll have to pay a fee, though it would be less than a moving van.
  • Book a taxi– depending on the distance you may be able to pay for 2 or 3 taxi rides reasonably cheap to move your stuff.
  • If there’s many of you in one house, club together to hire a moving van. For our big 32-person flat, we hired a moving van for £70 and moved 10 people’s belongings. Very painless and easy. Our moving costs were covered by charging those not present for labour and storage at our house over the summer.

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