You know quite often we want to do something nice, like donate to charity but we just don’t have the funds. We are going to show you how to donate to charity for free. There are a host of ways to still help out charities. We’re going to show you a great bunch of ways to donate to charity.

Amazon Smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Using amazon smile will help raise money for a charity while shopping online on amazon. Amazon donates 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT and shipping fees) to the charitable organisation of your choice. Now even though its only 0.5% this builds up over time if everyone uses it. The best part is that its free, you just have to use the smile link.

Fundraising while you shop

There are sites that can be used as a platform for fundraising and can be used to donate to charity. The platform allows users to shop online at stores such as Tesco and John Lewis and raise free funds for charity. The platform will send traffic to shops such as Tesco and earn a commission from your custom. The two main sites are and Both of these sites together have raised over $32 million, so you can see it makes a big difference just by people using it while going about their regular online shopping. These sites a part of their commission to a charity of your choice while the remainder covers their running cost. There are over 200,000 charities to choose from ranging from large charities to schools and community groups. You can raise big sums for charity if you use it to book trips or buy an insurance policy.

‘Click to give’ websites

‘Click to give’ websites are a great way to raise money by clicking a button or answering a quiz. You can make make a donation without costing you, as it’s paid for by the advertising being displayed around it. There are a number of websites offering this service, most famously The Hunger Site. The Hunger Site raises money as sponsors pay money, every time a button is pressed. The Hunger Site has donated more than $60 million to great causes.

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