Saving money is just a good habit regardless of your financial situation. There are so many ways we can save money without majorly affecting our quality of life. So we’ve compiled a list on how to save money on your food shopping.

1> Budgeting

Make a budget for your weekly food expenditure and put a daily limit on your card so you don’t overspend and accidentally buy your body weight in chocolate. This helps control your daily spending and pinch your wallet.

2> Supermarket Brand

Buy your supermarket brands and budget brands and they can produce great savings. Quite often you don’t have to compromise on taste. The reason why supermarket brands are cheaper is due to the lower margins.

3> Reward Schemes

Get on a reward scheme which many supermarkets offer. Sainsbury offers its nectar card and Tesco offers its Clubcard. Most loyalty programs offer a point for every 2 pounds you spend while some even offer a point per pound. You can redeem your points later for savings. You can check out some great reward schemes here.

4> Cheaper produce

Choosing a cheaper cut of meat such as braising steak rather than fillet doesn’t mean missing out on a tasty meal. A slow cooker gradually breaks down the fibers in cheap meat.

5> Coupons

Use coupons, shoppers can save huge amounts by searching for coupons and discount deals. You can install honey as a browser extension that searches for all these coupons and discount codes on websites.

6> Price- matching

Use price match options shops such as Tesco, Asda, and Ocado all offer discounts to customers if their shopping could have been bought cheaper from certain rivals, so make a habit of swiping your loyalty or registering your receipt online.

7> Bulk-Buying

Buying in bulk is a very simple way to save if you own or manage your own business, its worth signing up to a wholesale retailer which has 28 memberships.

8> Buying off-peak

Buy off-peak from the bakery and deli. The deli and bakers have to sell their made hot goods within a certain period and they often drastically cut prices before this period ends.

9> Freeze excess food

Keep your food for longer by freezing it so it doesn’t go to waste. So much money and food are wasted due to it going bad. Keeping food frozen can help prevent this.

We’ve shown you how to save money on food shopping but we also have a great piece on how to save money on your electric bill. You can find that here.

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