Travelling is stressful, there’s nothing like some nourishment and liquid courage while you’re on the move. Especially when it’s free. So we’re going to teach you how to get free drinks and food while travelling.


Reward clubs and schemes are a great way to get a whole bunch of freebies and benefits for your regular custom. We would advise you join a frequent flyer program before fly anywhere. Its the same thing with chain restaurant (Starbucks etc).. Most chains offer you a free beverage or a side after you’ve earned enough points. TGIFridays, Chilis and IHOP offer some of the best reward schemes.


Travelling is never as simple as we wish it would be. Too many times the flights been delayed , we get bumped on to another flight or have to change seats to accommodate another passenger. Most of the time we don’t know that we are eligible for compensation. This may be in the form of lounge access, free drinks, or even a cash compensation. REMEMBER most companies won’t offer this to you, you’ll have to ask them.


There quite a few newsletters that send vouchers and exclusive deals to you inbox weekly. Some of the best voucher sites are groupon and Woot. Airline carriers like Southwest airlines include free drinks coupons in its Click’N Save newsletter. We would recommend you join these newsletters before you travel. Guess it comes down to whether a few free drinks are worth the endless junk email you’ll receive. Talking about great newsletters make sure to subscribe to ours. We offer a ton of great free content and printables .


To be perfectly honest happy hours shouldn’t be the main feature you consider while choosing a hotel. Factors like location, room price and services should all take precedent while choosing a hotel. However, if you want to let your hair down and get some free drinks at quite a few hotels. Many properties now offer free happy hours for guests. Hotel chains like Embassy Suites Hotels and Kimpton Hotels offer happy hours where guests can free drinks and snacks.


Drinks and food are often extremely overpriced in the airport. Airport lounges offer free drinks and free food in a more comfortable environment, You don’t always have to shell out for a first-class or business ticket for this perk. If you’re a frequent flyer you may have access through your membership status. Some airlines like Porter offer all their passengers lounge access. Sometimes just asking the staff could help you get an upgrade to the lounge or even on your ticket.

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