You know quite often we want to do something nice, like donate to charity but we just don’t have the funds. We are going to show you how to donate to charity for free. There are a host of ways to still help out charities. We’re going to show you a great bunch of ways to donate to charity.

Use a charity search engine

A charity search engine can help raise money while you browse like you do everyday. One great example of this is GoodSearch which is a search engine that is powered by Yahoo. With GoodSearch you can raise money for good causes– one US penny for each search carried out. This may not sound like a lot but so far it has raised more than $7 million (£5 million) to date, and you can also shop through the website and raise even more cash.

Using Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a UK tax incentive that enables tax-effective giving by individuals to charities in the United Kingdom. Did you know that you can Gift Aid donations of belongings as well as cash? When giving donations to a charity shop, by simply filling out a Gift Aid form, that you can collect in store, you can add 25% to the value of what you give. When the items sell, they let you know how much you have helped them raise and you then confirm that the money can be treated as a Gift Aid donation – meaning an extra government top-up.

Use Charity Apps

There are a ton of apps which just need a bit of your time. Luckily with these apps you don’t need to have a ton of free time or disposable income. There’s a ton of different apps which can donate to a variety of causes. You can find a list of these apps here.

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